Update from Tunisia

Letter by Raed Ben Mansour

Well, we didn't totally return to our normal life, there still are some incidents here in the capital. There are people who didn't accept the second transient government and are protesting peacefully in “El Kasba”.
But there are also unknown persons who want to make us feel unsafe and turn the capital upside down, so they pay offenders to rob, ransack and burn ... but our police and military arrested most of them. Finally, thousands of Libyan and Egyptian refugees are now in the south of the country, looking for shelters and food until the situation gets better in Libya. The passage of refugees across the borders between Libya and Tunisia is increasingly inaccessible due to the crowd before the border post. The situation at the border between Tunisia and Libya reached a “crisis” after the passage of 70,000 to 75,000 people fleeing repression in Libya.

Topics: People power