Issue: 2528-2529

December 2010 - January 2011


By Milan Rai, Emily Johns


As it is the season of New Year Resolutions, we asked some people around the movements about their experiences of trying to change themselves, live more in accord with their values, or become better activists.

By Jeff Cloves

Sheila – a doughty campaigner against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – is currently in hospital in London. She had a bad fall in a departure lounge and misaligned her spine.

By Sam McCann

An outsider’s perspective on recent peace news

By Sam McCann

PN investigates how a small Indian tribal people gained international allies and defeated a transnational corporation

By Bob Nicholls

Bob Nicholls, one of the acquitted EDO Decommissioners, gave a workshop about the case at Peace News Summer Camp in July. Here is the first part of his story.

By Sam McCann

How the new anti-cuts group came to be

By Alice Turner

Westminster students, sabbatical officers and staff from the University of Westminster students’ union (UWSU) joined over 50,000 students from across the country at the National Union of Students (NUS) central London demo on 10 November.

By Cedric Knight

Can nonviolent communication be used politically?

By Gabriel Carlyle

The news the papers didn’t print about Wikileaks and Gaza

By Shona

On 6 November, a small but dedicated group of peace campaigners braved the rain in Glasgow’s Victoria Park for a rededication of the Peace Tree.

By PaiH

On 15 November, 120 asylum seekers protested in Glasgow’s George Square after receiving letters stating that they are to be removed without consent to alternative accommodation.

By Sarah Young

Scottish CND discussed the next stages in the campaign against Trident renewal at their AGM on 12 November.

By CND Cymru

At 5am on 1 November, anti-nuclear campaigners began to nonviolently blockade the Devonport dockyard in Plymouth where Trident nuclear submarines are maintained and re-fitted.

By AP and JN

White poppy ceremonies in Wales

By David Polden

Over 50,000 protesters mobilised to delay the twelfth annual transport of highly-radioactive material (123 tonnes in 11 carriages) from La Hague, France, to storage at Gorleben, Germany, in early November.