Glasgow asylum seekers under threat

IssueDecember 2010 - January 2011
News by PaiH

On 15 November, 120 asylum seekers protested in Glasgow’s George Square after receiving letters stating that they are to be removed without consent to alternative accommodation. The letters state that they can be moved to any region in Scotland, a huge concern for families whose children are now established in Glasgow schools.

The forced removals are a consequence of the UK Border Agency cancelling a contract with Glasgow City Council after failure to agree over costs. The decision is affecting 600 families, comprising more than 1,200 people altogether.

Robina Qureshi from Positive Action in Housing has described the planned mass removal as “utterly shameful”.

The charity has written to Scotland’s first minister, Alex Salmond, requesting that he intervene so that the housing contract might be renegotiated.

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