Comments in issue 2657

Glasgow’s festival of climate resistance

by PN staff

PN surveys 13 days of action at the UN climate summit

Towards a nuclear-free Wales

by Bethan Sian

CND Cymru marks 40th anniversary

Oaks, olives and arms

by Karin Reiter

£500 raised for olive trees in the West Bank

Day of peace

by Lotte Reimer

Mayor recalls Aberystwyth's peace history

New threat to criminalise protest

by David Polden

Increased penalties, new powers and new offences announced 

Some victories for Stop HS2

by David Polden

Eastern leg of high-speed rail project (mostly) cancelled

Police violated woman’s human rights

by David Polden

Police have spied on over 1,000 British political groups since 1968

IPB World Peace Conference

by Bethan Sian

Report from Youth & Student CND rep

Alternative Remembrance ceremonies

by Symon Hill

Wreaths of white poppies laid across UK