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PN interviews Michael Albert of Z Magazine on his model of anarchist economics.


Afghanistan through the Media Lens

Ian Sinclair spoke recently to the radical watchdog Media Lens about the media’s role in the escalating war in Afghanistan


No longer observers

Most of us have a grand vision, but few of us dare to make our dreams reality.

It was 20 years ago today...

PN talks with Dave Morris and Helen Steel about sustaining long-term campaigns, making visible the links between different issues - and about the current struggle against corporate and state power, and for the freedom to protest.


Bumpy road ahead in Nepal

  • How would you describe the state of democracy in Nepal one year on from the jana andolan II?

Big Voice

Norman Finkelstein, author and academic, was punished for his principled stand against Israeli brutality by being denied tenure at DePaul University in June 2007.

Operation "Self-Interest?"

PN: For some years now Macedonia has been on the receiving end of “humanitarian” military interventions [see box below for a list of international missions to Mac

Getting our issues "out there"

PN: Tell us a bit about yourself, what kind of work you do and what your focus is - in terms of the reports or opinion pieces you write.

A celebration of love: an interview with Anand Patwardhan

The following interview was conducted with filmmaker Anand Patwardhan, who recently produced War and Peace - a three-hour film of epic proportions about the state of affairs in Pa

Louder than a bomb

Over the summer there was a minor media storm as, in the run up to 7/7, journalists and politicians heard about Fun Da Mental's new album All is War.