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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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The campaign against Trident

On 19 May, the public sector union Unison sponsored a day conference in London taking forward the campaign against Britain's Trident nuclear arsenal.

Our stories

Jaime Huenun, an indigenous Chilean poet, has quoted from an old wise Mapuche called Manuel Rauque, "When we recover our past, the earth will open its secrets."

Homage to Murcia

Roberta: Tell us a bit about your group, what you do and why you do it

Speaking out against violence

On 11 September Ryans brother was killed in the attack on the Pentagon - where he was an enlisted specialist in the US army working as a multimedia illustrator.

The real Karl Marx

Karl Marx saw the red flag with Che Guevera’s silhouetted face on it on my bedroom door. Looking surprised he said: “Che. I read about his life. Tapain leh maanuhuncha?


PN In the book you don’t embrace or push any single ideology. Why?

Chomsky on the crisis

Simone Bruno I would like to talk about the current crisis.

Long and winding road

In March 2003, US diplomat and former army colonel Ann Wright resigned in protest at the Bush administration's policies on Iraq, North Korea, Israel-Palestine and at the curtailment of civil liberties in the US after 11 September 2001. PN caught up with her in London and we talked about her journey from career diplomat to joining Code Pink actions. 


International Network on Disarmament and Globalisation

In February Peace News caught up with Steve Staples Chair of the International Network on Disarmament and Globalisation and talked with him about the value of a network aimed at bridging movements.


What's the rush?

Routes into the movement