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13 August 2011Feature

“If you truly want to determine Britain's state of affairs, you should look to its young people.” Gordon Brown has often expressed this idea. It is time he followed his own advice. The young people of Britain want nothing to do with his policies of war.

In the run-up to the invasion of Iraq thousands of school students across Britain walked out of their schools and colleges. The spirit, defiance and sheer vibrancy of this mass action helped energise the anti-war movement.

13 August 2011Feature

During the summer holidays, I spent four days filming Iraqi Refugee children in Amman, Jordan.

When I returned back to England, I knew it was going to be fun editing the film but it was also going to be very hard and time consuming work.

Milan Rai and I spent one intensive week editing the film sometimes up to six hours a day.

I had a lot of footage. We managed to make 20 minutes of a rough copy.

I also worked on my own, editing more footage on my laptop…

1 December 2007Review

Puffin 2004; ISBN 0141380759; 192pp; £7.14

Daisy, aged 15, is sent from New York to England to stay with her Aunt Penn and her cousins Edmund, Isaac, Osbert and Piper. Daisy starts to enjoy her stay although she is soon going to find out that this will last a lot longer than she expected.

A new war starts in Britain, Daisy and her cousins are cut off from Aunt Penn and Daisy's parents. Daisy is forced to grow up quickly and experiences terrible things, as well as new-found love for her cousins. When she is separated from…

1 December 2007Review

Jonathan Cape, 2006; ISBN 0224080393; 352pp; £14.99

Persepolis is an autobiography of Marjane Satrapi's childhood. Marjane Satrapi is telling her story in comic strips. Her childhood story is about growing up in Iran during and after the Islamic revolution.

I think this is a very unique comic-strip book. I have never come across a comic strip about a Muslim girl who is so determined and strong-willed.

I think this book would attract young adults.

Once I picked up the book I couldn't put it down. I thought how the story…

3 July 2007Comment

All morning my mind was flowing with thoughts about the Westminster Interfaith Pilgrimage my parents had told me about. Thoughts such as; `What will I learn out of it? What was going to happen? Why were people doing this?' I managed to answer these questions with not too much difficulty! I learnt about different religions. We walked four miles from church to church. People did it to find out about other religions. My favourite part of the pilgrimage was the train journey back home, not only…

3 July 2007Comment

My name is Sonia, I am 12 years old and I am a Muslim. 5 years ago I formed a group called children against the war. When I was eight years old, I wrote a letter to Mr Bush and Mr Blair pleading for them not to start a war in Iraq because it would destroy Children's lives.

Today I feel angry and sad because the war has caused nothing but misery for Iraqi children. Thousands and thousands of children have lost their lives; Thousands have fled to neighbouring countries with their…