Meg Rosoff, 'How I live now'

IssueDecember 2007 - January 2008
Review by Alice Howard

Daisy, aged 15, is sent from New York to England to stay with her Aunt Penn and her cousins Edmund, Isaac, Osbert and Piper. Daisy starts to enjoy her stay although she is soon going to find out that this will last a lot longer than she expected.

A new war starts in Britain, Daisy and her cousins are cut off from Aunt Penn and Daisy's parents. Daisy is forced to grow up quickly and experiences terrible things, as well as new-found love for her cousins. When she is separated from Isaac, Osbert and Edmund she becomes a mother to Piper, her youngest cousin, but there is still a lot more she has to face.

Reading this book makes it a lot easier to imagine how it would be for children if there was to be a war around us today and how it must be for children around the world who are living within a war. The book builds up a strong relationship between the five children which enables them to look out for each other. I think it is a good adventure but a sad story.

Topics: Culture
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