Faslane peace camp

1 April 2014News

Action against weapons of mass destruction


Contrary to popular report (even among some peace activists), Faslane Peace Camp is still here and still opposing weapons of mass destruction, war and militarism. Things have been a little quiet over the winter but now spring is here and we’re ready for action.

Early on 19 March, I was arrested on board HMS Ambush inside Faslane naval base (which houses Britain’s Trident nucler missile submarines) along with fellow peace camper Jamie Watson.

We’d set off a couple of hours…

8 June 2013News

After a recent call out to activists across the country, Faslane Peace Camp hosted a series of meetings/gatherings to see what could be done to save the camp from closing due to low numbers of residents willing to live on the site (see PN 2557).

Faslane Peace Camp, May 2013. Photo: Camcorder Guerrillas

Newspapers across the world published articles indicating the camp would likely close, and activist groups across the country publicised our plight.

The final meeting held yesterday [14 May – eds] saw many individuals, including past and present residents, travel from all over the UK to offer their time and support to keep the camp running.

It has been widely agreed that it would be a bad move to close the camp…

10 May 2013News

A proposal

For the last two years, there has been a small group of us rebuilding Faslane Peace Camp as a community of anti-nuclear action.

We came together with a shared vision that if we maintain the camp as a safe, alcohol- and drug-free space with regular actions and campaigning, we could create a strong, autonomous community active in the fight against Trident and the militarisation of the west coast of Scotland.

Part of our vision has been achieved in making the…

2 July 2012News

As Faslane Peace Camp celebrates its 30th birthday with a month of action.

Nuclear disarmament.  If not now, when?

Leonna O’Neill

Leonna O'Neill, Angus Chalmers and Julia Herzog reflect on being in the right place at the right time.

The Scottish Independence debate has created a situation in which Scotland, where most of us are categorically opposed to nuclear weapons, has the potential to refuse to continue to host the British nuclear weapons system. With a lack, south of the Border, of alternative venues anywhere near as strategically…