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Nepal crisis

Peace News keeps an eye on the ìpeace processî that has been staggering along in Nepal since the end of the civil war in 2006.
The former insurgents, the Maoists, formed the first post-war government, resigned, and are now back in charge as part of a coalition government.

One of the thorniest problems in the peace process has been the fate of their 19,600 armed followers, who have been living in demilitarised cantonments since the end of the war, waiting either to be integrated into the Nepali army or to be demobilised.
The political establishment balked at integrating the ìpeopleís liberation armyî into the military.

On 1 November, a compromise was reached. Only a third of Maoist fighters (6,500) are to be brought into the security forces, and they will be restricted to a new non-combat army directorate responsible for development projects, emergency rescue and forest patrols. Others will retire with a cash payment or be given training for civilian life.

An early survey of former combatants at four of the seven cantonments showed the overwhelming majority opting for integration into the military.

Problems ahead for the Maoist leadership...

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