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Peace Prisoners

On 1 December, Peace Prisoners' Day, please put aside an hour to write four cards to people whoíve been imprisoned for their commitment to peace.

Please do: send your card in an envelope; include a return name and address on the envelope; be chatty and creative: send photos from your life, drawings; tell prisoners about your own anti-war work.

Don'ts. Please donít write anything that might get the prisoner into trouble; donít write: "You are so brave, I could never do what you have done"; and donít expect the prisoner to be able to reply.

Here are some names and addresses:

Kang Dong-Kyun (#621) (imprisoned 24 Aug 2011-unknown release date), Kim Jong-Hwan (#315) (24 Aug 2011-unknown), Kim Dong-Won (#156) (24 Aug 2011-unknown), all three: 161 Jeju Prison, Ora-2 dong, Jeju City, Jeju Special Self-Governing Island, SOUTH KOREA

Maikel Nabil Sanad (29 Mar 2011-28 Mar 2014):  El-Marg prison, El-Kalag, El-Khanka, Qalyubey, EGYPT

Inan Suver (6 Aug 2010-unknown), Manisa Kapali Cezaevi, Turgut ÷zal Mh., 45040 Manis, TURKEY

Aziz Roziev (4 Aug 2010-3 Feb 2012), Dovleyet Byashimov (12 Aug 2010-11 Feb 2012), Ahmet Hudaybergenov (7 Sep 2010-6 Mar 2012), all three: Seydi Labour Camp, 746222 Lebap vilayet Seydi, uchr. LB-K/12, TURKMENISTAN

Yoel Tsegezab (26 Aug 2008-unknown), Nehemiah Hagos (26 Aug 2008-unknown), Samuel Ghirmay (1 Mar 2009-unknown), all three: Meitir Camp, Meiti, ERITREA

Taron Pirapyan (2 Mar 2010-1 Sep 2012), David Martirosyan (29 Mar 2010-28 Mar 2012), Narek Seyranyan (22 Apr 2010-21 Apr 2012), Narek Chinaryan (21 May 2010-20 May 2012), Narek Pogosyan (24 May 2010-23 Nov 2012), Derenik Minasyan (11 Aug 2010-10 Aug 2013), Vahe Avetisyan (13 Aug 2010-12 Aug 2012), Artashes Arshakyan (6 Sep 2010-5 Mar 2013), Aharon Musheghyan (12 Nov 2010-11 Nov 2013), David Muradyan (30 Dec 2010-29 Jun 2012), Samvel Sargsyan (3 Feb 2011-2 Aug 2013), Arman Nersisyan (14 Mar 2011-13 Mar 2013), Hovik Gasparyan (11 Apr 2011-10 Oct 2013), all at: Kosh Penal Institution, Kosh, ARMENIA

Carl W Stewart (09105-088) (3 May 2010-2 May 2012): FPC Montgomery Federal Prison Camp, Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, AL 36112, USA

Bradley Manning (15 May 2010-unknown): JRCF, 830 Sabalu Road, Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027, USA

Stephen Kelly (87783-011) (18 Feb 2011-17 May 2012): FDC SEATAC, PO Box 13900, Seattle, WA 9819, USA

More info on these folk, and others, on the War Resisters International site: