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Campaign Profile: Fig Tree

Fig Tree is a new initiative to engage the Christian community in Britain on peace and security issues. It aims to preach the gospel of peace in word and deed, and to build and support the Christian peace community here in the UK.

Biblically, the fig tree is a symbol of peace, security and prosperity with Micah’s vision of “everyone beneath their own vine and fig tree” perhaps being the best known example.

However, in Mark’s gospel, just before he overturns the tables, Jesus curses a fig tree for not being fruitful. Immediately after the Temple action the disciples discover the fig tree has withered. Ched Myers argues that Jesus is challenging here – in word and deed – the idea that peace, security and prosperity comes from the power of the (temple) state or Roman legions. That fig tree is barren.

Chris Cole, coordinator of Fig Tree, has spent the past seven years as director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. If you would like Chris to speak to your group or church, please contact Fig Tree.