Issue: 2523 - 2524

July - August 2010


By Milan Rai, Emily Johns


By Milan Rai

Iran nuclear crisis no nearer resolution

By Milan Rai

The EDO Decommissioners (see PN 2506) spent the first week of their trial grilling the head of EDO/MBM, Paul Hills, on the firm’s supply of vital components to Israeli F-16 fighter jets (which Hills denied).

By Kelvin Mason

This report is written as a letter to Pat O’Donnell and Niall Harnett who are in jail in Ireland for opposing Shell’s Corrib gas pipeline.

By Milan Rai

On 16 June, acquittals were handed out to four Australians who broke into a top secret spy base on Swan Island, Victoria, and disrupted satellite communications with Australian troops operating in Afghanistan.

By Sarah Young

Scotland’s refugee families will lose out following recent changes to the process of removal from the UK

By Tim Street

Reflecting on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty review conference

By Gabriel Carlyle

David Cameron is retreading old ground in his attempts to justify the war in Afghanistan

By Kathy Kelly, Josh Brollier

The US group Voices for Creative Non-Violence report on civil unrest and a militarised society in Pakistan

Two letters

By David Gribble

This month Peace News is publishing David Gribble’s book on moral development and decline. Here is an extract.

By Rachel Sanger

“… parenting is more like nourishing a seed than chiselling stone into a statue” Hugh and Gayle Prather

By Roger Stephenson

A visit to Tate Liverpool reveals Picasso as a politically and socially engaged artist, actively involved in politics and the peace movement during the Cold War

By Jeff Cloves

As deaths – and casualties – mount in Afghanistan and crowds turn out to greet the returning coffins and TV stations show bereaved families united in grief, I imagine the conflicting emotions I feel are shared by most PN readers.

By Alison Williams

Jeffrey Segall was a champion of world peace through a democratically reformed United Nations.

I’ve never been to a festival. I don’t like big crowds.
Woman activist, Oxford