EDO on trial

IssueJuly - August 2010
News by Milan Rai

The EDO Decommissioners (see PN 2506) spent the first week of their trial grilling the head of EDO/MBM, Paul Hills, on the firm’s supply of vital components to Israeli F-16 fighter jets (which Hills denied).

After nine days, on 16 June, Brighton peace activist Rosa Bellamy was cleared of conspiracy to participate in the property destruction inside the EDO/MBM arms factory in January 2009. The action took place as Israeli F-16s were bombing Gaza, killing hundreds of civilians.

As PN went to press, the Decommissioners were beginning their defence. They were arguing that they acted legally in causing the alleged £200,000 damage to the Brighton arms factory, as they were preventing a greater crime, the unlawful killings in Gaza.