Campaign Profile: N02ID

IssueOctober 2005

Founded in 2004 in response to the Government's intended introduction of compulsory registration, fingerprinting and lifelong tracking of all UK residents by means of a centralised biometric database, NO2ID brings together individuals and organisations from all sections of the community and seeks to ensure that an informed case against state identity control is put forward in the media, in the corridors of power and at grassroots level.

NO2ID is supported by a growing number of Parliamentarians of all parties and a coalition of over 75 NGOs, Unions, political parties, County & City Councils and upwards of 25,000 private individuals. The campaign is staffed entirely by volunteers and our network of local groups is spreading country-wide.   

Since the campaign began, public opinion has shifted from the Government's claimed 80% support to more than half of the country believing that ID cards are a bad idea, even after the bombings in July. Polls indicate that millions will simply refuse to comply, making the system unworkable. Over 11,000 people have already signed our pledge to refuse to register for an ID card - pledging over #100,000 to NO2ID's legal defence fund in just over a month.

The Home Office minister, Tony McNulty, has now admitted that the benefits of ID cards were "oversold" and now the Government are desperately trying to justify the scheme on the basis of "benefits" to the citizen. The Bill has yet to make it to the Lords, and NO2ID are lobbying hard to wipe out Labour's already reduced majority at the next vote. You can help. Get in touch with your MP - we have an online lobbying tool at - and make your opposition known.

Topics: Civil Liberties