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Issue 2453 | December 2003 - February 2004

War and peace in the information age

WTO meeting collapses amidst demonstations in Cancun


500+ arrests at NATO HQ

On 25 October hundreds of citizens from Belgium, Britain, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy carried out an inspection of SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe),

Italian peace march has notable impact

It is estimated that nearly half million people walked from Perugio to Assisi on 12 October on the traditional peace march which first took place in 1961.

FSB attacks humanitarian organisations

The FSB, one of the successors to the KGB, have accused humanitarian organisations working in Chechnya and Ingushetia of producing “anti stability” propaganda harmful to the efforts made b

International law clears peace activists

In October a US jury found 19 peace activists not guilty after their trial for trespassing at a depleted uranium weapon maker's headquarters.

Prisoners of conscience

Not many people are aware that every year more than 60 young men are sentenced to six and a half months of imprisonment because of their refusal to take part in the system of compul

State of terror

The problem is, the Thai government always obeys the US administration. They should realisethat a free trade agreement with the US would hurt Thai farmers. And Thailand might become a terrorist target if we support the US war on terrorism.
Suriyasai Katasila, secretary general of Thailand's Campaign for Popular Democracy


A military constitution for the EU?

In July 2003, the European Convention presented a draft European Union Constitution, consisting of 260 pages, divided into four chapters, plus several appendices and additional agreements

Knowledge is power

One morning, during the recent invasion of Iraq, I was at home when I idly flipped the tv on.”Daytime tv!” I thought - haven't seen this for a good while.

Hate radio: Rwanda

During 1994 an estimated 500,000 to 1,000,000 people were killed in the Rwandan genocide. Therole of radio broadcasts across the country in inspiring and encourag-ing individual and collective acts of violence has become one of the best-documented and most extreme cases of the use of media to fuel conflict.After being indicted in 1996 by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, the trials of reporters allegedly central tothe hate broadcasts began in 2001. Radio Netherlands reporters have kept a close eye on developments.


Getting our issues "out there"

PN: Tell us a bit about yourself, what kind of work you do and what your focus is - in terms of the reports or opinion pieces you write.

Ask questions, speak up, disobey!

When it all started, back in 1991, I could hardly imagine where it would end.

otkökü devrimi = graswurzelrevolution =grassroots revolution A Turkish and German-speaking voice for a nonviolent, anarchist society

In 2001, German nonviolent-anarchist newspaper graswurzelrevolution began an ambitious media solidarity project with Turkish antimilitarists. The editors of the project reflect on the challenges and outcomes to date.


War is our common enemy

This interview was conducted by email during October 2003.

Vision Machine: a web of stories, networked solidarities / The Globalisation Tapes: a Vision Machine collaboration

Sharman Sinaga's granddaughter looks bored as her grandfather demonstrates for the camera his favoured technique of market liberalisation: holding union activists upside down in flooded fi

Trainstopping by text

In recent years the German anti-nuclear movement has been quite successful in organising nonviolent actions against Castor-transports en route to the intermediary storagehall for nuclear waste in G

Reporting the World and peace journalism

Many journalists enter their profession motivated by some idea, however vaguely defined, of doing some good in the world.

Online activists guide to using the media

The hitchhikers guide to ... ... operating a pirate radio station

In a world of increasing regulation and control, deviance from established modes of behaviour are tolerated less and less.

Alternative media sources

The following is a brief listing of helpful publications, books, websites and radio stations that are alternative sources of media, or offer a means of communication that leaves the mainst