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Peace Not War 2-CD Compilation (US version)

http://www.peace-notwar.org/ +44 20 7515 4702, also available from PeaceNews online, http://www.peacenews.info/webshop/ , #15 (#10 concessions). US customers contact Mordam Records +1 916 641 8900, sales@mordamrecords.com

As a follow up to the highly successful UK version, PNW people have teamed up with Mordam Records in the dis-United States to release this new Peace not War 2-CD compilation.

With 32 tracks, ranging from Crass, Midnight Oil and Chumbawamba to Ani Di Franco, Seize the Day and Ms Dynamite, they have produced an amazingly strong message to Bush, Blair and their buddies: that any future invasion of an oil rich state is not going to be allowed to happen. This is music that reawakens energy - it's a compilation that calls for party, protest and resistance.

Topics: Culture