Polyp, 'Big Bad World: cartoon molotovs in the face of corporate rule'

IssueDecember 2002 - February 2003
Review by Sarah Irving

Ever find yourself losing your edge? Descending into woolly liberalism? Perhaps even thinking (No!) that those corporations might just, possibly, be reformable?

If there is any mental brake to that slippery slope, this book of cartoons is it. Polyp applies his cruelly sharp wit to globalisation, militarism, corporate power and hypocritical greenwash, exposing the intellectual and moral inconsistencies of so many official statements and positions that we have become so used to that they often pass without comment.

Nike, Coca-Cola and BP, as well as Bush, Blair and Sharon, all come under the scrutiny of this acid-tipped pen, joining Shell as the corporate baddies and political scum shown pissing in the swimming pool of life (get the book and appreciate the true joy of that image). And all liberally laced with other pieces commenting on the complicity of all of us, and of our culture, so that you can't help but wince as you laugh, and start looking over your own moral shoulder.

Definitely one to keep everyone on the political straight and narrow through the consumerism of the festive period.

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