Features in issue 2449

Rallying support

by Brian Martin

Rallies are one of the most commonly used forms of nonviolent action, but how much do activists know about making them as effective as possible? Brian Martin explains how to analyse the dynamics of rally action.

No army defends peace!

by Adriana Castano

In the city of Medellín youth activists are taking a stand for peace within their highly militarised communities. Adriana Castaño from the Red Juvenil - Youth Network - reports.

Rebirth of solidarity

by Sean Donohue

US military involvement in Colombia's internal affairs - as epitomised by Plan Colombia - has been a constant feature since the 1960s, while support for "ordinary" Colombians caught up in the brutal civil war has come from specialist solidarity groups from around the world. Sean Donohue takes a look at how activist groups in the US are now building new and diverse solidarity networks that are calling for an unequivocal end to US military involvement in Colombia.

Hawks and Hueys: the substance of Plan Colombia

by Eduardo Marino

After reading and reviewing Russell Crandall's recent book - Driven By Drugs - Eduardo Marino asks "Will helicopters strafing and defoliating South America win the drugs war in North America"