Two days of action at USAF base

IssueNovember 2006

On 1 October, 200 people descended on USAF Lakenheath in Suffolk. The airbase is believed to be home to around 110 US nuclear weapons of vital strategic importance to the US military. The following day eight activists broke into the base and locked on to the gates of the ammunition depot.

The demonstration on 1 October was called by CND and the Lakenheath Action group, and saw CND's Kate Hudson and Bruce Kent address the crowd along with Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn (who, apparently, had cycled all the way from Ely). Simultaneous protests were reported at US bases across Europe. Speaking from the platform, Corbyn stated, “We are here today so as not to be part of the silent acceptance of nuclear weapons - we are here today to stand up and speak for all those who do not think that nuclear weapons make for a safer world. We are here to say No to Nuclear and Yes to Peace”.

Organised criminals

The action the following day prevented access to the ammunition depot for more than three hours and resulted in eight arrests under section 128 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (trespass on a designated site) and Criminal Damage.

Messages of mutual support were exchanged between the blockaders at Lakenheath and those at Faslane.