Trident missile hits Taunton town centre

IssueNovember 2006
News by Ali

On Saturday 7 October, a full sized replica Trident missile found its way onto the streets of Taunton. The event was part of an ongoing action staged by Somerset Campaign Against Trident Renewal (SCATR) and drew attention to the Faslane 365 Campaign. A number of activists from across the South West joined the protest in Scotland during the following week, overlapping with the Seize the Day group, many of whom also come from this area.

The banner was made by Taunton Peace Group, and fell just short of the 13-metre length of an actual Trident missile. The sight of such a huge banner prompted many people to stop and read, with a significant number asking questions about both the campaign and the issue of Trident replacement. Passers-by were handed leaflets detailing the campaign and giving the contacts for all the groups who have come together to form SCATR, and many signed the petition to call for a full debate and a free vote in parliament. Plans are now underway to stage similar actions in all the major towns across Somerset; Quakers in Taunton Peace Group pledged to leaflet every Sunday in October after their meeting.