Features in issue 2479

Act local!

by E4e

In Hackney, east London, two Georgian houses are under threat. The adjacent building is currently occupied by the group Everything4Everyone but is facing imminent eviction - and demolition. There is still no sign of the bailiffs, but helicopters frequently fly over,and CCTV cameras keep a beady eye on the occupiers.

Gaining momentum

by Edward-Kennedy Nasho

Delegates representing human rights campaign organisations and groups convened in London in October to fortify an ongoing campaign to end migrant and refugee detention. Edward-Kennedy Nasho reports.

Founding principles

by Frances Laing, Joan Meredith

Since 1 October, the Faslane nuclear submarine base in western Scotland has been subjected to wave after wave of anti-nuclear activists visiting and blockading the site. As Peace News went to press at least 125 people had been arrested for carrying out actions at the site in the first three weeks. Below, Frances Laing interviews blockader Joan Meredith and, at the end, there's a quick round up of the highlights of the story so far...