Issue: 2479

November 2006



By Andy

As more observant readers will have noticed, parliament was not sacked on 9 October.

On 11 October Phil Pritchard and Toby Olditch - the B52 Two - walked out of Bristol Crown Court after the jury failed to reach a conclusive verdict in their case for conspiracy to damage US warplanes.

By Iraq Occupation Focus

With the Lancet report suggesting more than 600,000 invasion related Iraqi deaths since 2003, and with the British military publicly wavering, there's no time like the present for refocusing on the occupation.

Speaking in 1994 on the likely global conflict trends for the next 30 years, Professor Paul Rogers of the Bradford Peace Studies Department was astute to recognise the relationship between environmental resources, climate change and confli

On 1 October, 200 people descended on USAF Lakenheath in Suffolk. The airbase is believed to be home to around 110 US nuclear weapons of vital strategic importance to the US military.

By Frances Laing, Joan Meredith

Since 1 October, the Faslane nuclear submarine base in western Scotland has been subjected to wave after wave of anti-nuclear activists visiting and blockading the site. As Peace News went to press at least 125 people had been arrested for carrying out actions at the site in the first three weeks. Below, Frances Laing interviews blockader Joan Meredith and, at the end, there's a quick round up of the highlights of the story so far...

By E4e

In Hackney, east London, two Georgian houses are under threat. The adjacent building is currently occupied by the group Everything4Everyone but is facing imminent eviction - and demolition. There is still no sign of the bailiffs, but helicopters frequently fly over,and CCTV cameras keep a beady eye on the occupiers.

By Diana Francis

Adam Curle, founding Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University, was born on 4 July 1916, into a family of thinkers. His mother, who had lost three brothers in World War I, instilled in him a loathing for all war.

By Ali

On Saturday 7 October, a full sized replica Trident missile found its way onto the streets of Taunton.

By Edward-Kennedy Nasho

Delegates representing human rights campaign organisations and groups convened in London in October to fortify an ongoing campaign to end migrant and refugee detention. Edward-Kennedy Nasho reports.

By The Molehill

Here's a quiz: who said this?

By Marieme Helie Lucas

For the past month a renewed debate about citizenship, religious freedom and gender has been raging in Britain. Marieme Helie Lucas offers her perspective and throws down a few challenges to the "coward Left".

By Rebecca Johnson

After pulling out of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in 2003, this October North Korea "officially" joined the international nuclear club when it carried out an underground nuclear test. Rebecca Johnson reflects on the implications.