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Activists injured

Action by Israelis, Palestinians and internationals

After a nonviolent action carried out by Israelis, Palestinians and internationals to dismantle an Israeli roadblock located outside two Palestinian villages, 16 people were arrested and a car containing two activists was riddled with automatic gunfire.

The car's occupants were mildly injured during the attack which it is alleged originated from the nearby Israeli settlement of Brukhim. The injured had been waiting in the car for the release of activists who had earlier been arrested.

The action had been dispersed by Israeli soldiers using tear gas, injuring three activists. Those arrested were asked to sign a statement promising not to return to the area. All refused.

The action was co-sponsored by Israeli and Palestinian peace organisations, including Rabbis for Human Rights and Gush Shalom.
Rabbis for Human Rights, PO Box 32225, Jerusalem, Israel (+972 2 563 7731; fax 566 7815; email rhr@inter.net.il).
Gush Shalom, email info@gush-shalom.org; http://www.gush-shalokm.org