Comments in issue 2443

"Peace at home, support for war abroad"

by Jim Keys, Colin Bryce

In Northern Ireland, Derry's political parties must find the backbone to publicly state their position on the development of an arms industry in the city, according to Patricia McKenna, Ireland's leading Green MEP. “I believe that the vast majority of people in Derry will oppose the arms trade once they are clear about what is going on in this city,” she added.

Fizzy fizzy lets get busy!

by Conner Jay

Protesting at Coca-Cola

Israeli COs go to jail

by Ippy D

In Israel, three conscientious objectors to military service were imprisoned during April and early May.


by Zertashia Hussain

The second military trial against Russian environmental journalist Grigory Pasko started in Vladivostock in March, after the Military Collegium of the Russian Supreme Court decided to overturn the original verdict.

Women win prizes!

by Zertashia Hussain

On 8 March the United Nations Development Fund for Women and International Alert awarded Women in Black, Belgrade, among others, their millennium peace prize.

Mayday Worldwide


A brief round-up of May Day events from around the world.

Activists injured

by PN staff

Action by Israelis, Palestinians and internationals