Israeli COs go to jail

IssueJune - August 2001
News by Ippy D

Gabriel Wolf, serving his second consecutive prison term at the time of writing, was initially imprisoned on 1 April, for refusing to be recruited into the Israeli Defence Force, after being heard by the military Conscience Committee – the body that hears requests for exemption to military service.
However they concluded that “The Committee was not convinced that you [Gabby Wolf] are a pacifist”, to which Gabby replied “I never tried to convince anyone that I was one”.
Gabby's objection to military service is based on his belief that the IDF is engaged in the occupation of another people's land. In a public statement he said “the State of Israel is founded on values, some of which, like its lack of separation between state and religion, and its racism {…} are starkly incompatible with my own values”.
Two more COs, Ido Harari and Hedai Levi, were imprisoned for refusing to participate in the reserve service in the Occupied Territories. All are serving sentences of between 14 and 28 days.