Civilian intervention: latest Marques marked

IssueMarch - June 2002
News by Melanie Jarman

On 3 February, dozens of foreign civilians marched in Ramallah to deliver a message to the Israeli occupation forces.

Recognising that the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestine is the root of violence in the region, and witness to the illegal and brutal policies of the Israeli occupation army, foreign civilians urged the Israeli soldiers to refuse the serve the occupation.

The Israeli forces attacked the international civilians with tear gas and concussion grenades despite the fact that the internationals were unarmed and repeated to the soldiers that there was no reason to use violence, and that they only wanted to talk.

Soldiers also apparently targeted journalists with tear gas and three journalists had to be treated for tear gas inhalation. The message carried by the internationals included a copy of a statement signed by over a hundred soldiers declaring that they will no longer serve in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Amongst the internationals taking part in the action were two members of the Italian Parliament, a representative of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, and US, German, Canadian, British and Italian citizens.