Features in issue 2446

In 1649, to St George's Hill...

by Andrew Bradstock

More than 350 years ago, Gerrard Winstanley and the Diggers called for the total reapportioning of land in the name of the poor, hungry and landless. Andrew Bradstock discusses the Diggers' contemporary relevance for activists today.

"Reality is realised in our time through the ideal, only through the ideal."

by Andreas Speck

In this experimental article on visions-based on the writings of anarchist Gustav Landauer and the lyrics of 1970s German rock band Ton Steine Scherben - Andreas Speck argues that while visions should guide us, provide us with energy, and stimulate our imaginations, they shouldn't turn us into slaves to our ideals.

No longer observers

by Jenny James, Lauren Kelley

In this interview Lauren Kelley talks with one of the Atlantis community's founders, Jenny James about the aims of the community and how the murder in July 2000 of two young community members at the hands of Colombian paramilitaries has impacted their ideals.

Coercion and domination

by Caroline Austin, Roland Meighan

Will education be the tool that helps us develop utopias, or will it remain our prison? Caroline Austin talked with "educational heretic" Roland Meighan.

Between technophilia and technophobia: cyborg citizenship

by Chris Hables Gray

Is your utopia a technology-driven super-society or a simple land-based existence, or a combination of the two? Chris Hables Gray argues that we must all choose which technologies we want, so long as our choices don't compromise our freedoms, our communities, or the living nature that we are part of and that sustains us all.

Ecotopia: a future with a long past

by David Pepper

Ecotopias may appear as relatively modern visions, but their origins lie in the ideas and thinking of historic movements. David Pepper examines the journey to modern ecotopias.