Comments in issue 2446

Taking the initiative

by Angie Zelter

Frustrated at the lack of intervention by the international community, a group of international activists joined with local people in the Occupied Territories in December to take direct action. Angie Zelter reports.

Enough is enough! Demonstrating for peace in Cyprus

by Cynthia Cockburn

Cynthia Cockburn has been spending time in Cyprus working with a women's bi-communal project.

The path to democracy?

by Lindsay Barnes

We rejoice in the good news that, since the ousting of the Taliban, Afghan women are no longer forced by law to wear burqas to cover themselves from head to toe in public. So why is it that the majority of them are choosing to retain the veil, in real fear for their lives? Lindsay Barnes investigates.

Arms fairs: a great time to show opposition to the death trade

by Tikiri

The arms trade is hardly a new issue and its end is a long way from being seen by groups working against the death trade. But, as French activist Tikiri reminds us, That wont stop us from taking action against it!