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Raver dies as riot police move in

"Czechtek", the electronic music festival that takes place annually in the Czech Republic, was recently brought to a violent end when over 1000 heavily armed riot police moved in and attacked revellers.

At least one person has been confirmed dead, with reports of possibly two more, and scores of injuries. The music, video and arts festival - in its 12th year - was held on private land in full compliance with Czech law, despite official statements from Czech police claiming that the legal contract between the owner of the land and the festival organisers was invalid.

Police initially blocked exits to the main highway and stopped people based on their appearance ("hair, tattoos and coloured old cars"), before turning to more extreme tactics. On the evening of Friday 12 July riot police moved in to clear the festival, using tear gas, batons and water cannons. One person was killed - run over by a police vehicle while writhing on the ground suffering from the effects of tear gas. Car windows were smashed and tear gas thrown in, while police prevented people from climbing out. Tear gas was thrown into tents where people were sleeping, and festival-goers, including teenage girls, were beaten by police. Private property was deliberately destroyed.

Following the attacks, several demonstrations were held both inside the Czech Republic and outside Czech Embassies all over Europe.

Photos and videos at http://www.czechtek.freetekno.org

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