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Peace Tax Seven denied full hearing

In a court hearing on 25 July, the Peace Tax Seven, who are seeking to direct their income taxes to non-military purposes, were once again denied permission for a full hearing in Britain.

The judge presiding over the case upheld a previous decision on the case which was brought to the High Court under the 1998 Human Rights Act. Article 9 of the act states that, "Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion." By being forced to pay taxes to fund the killing of human beings, the Peace Tax Seven argues that their moral and religious rights are being violated. They emphasised that they are happy to pay their taxes, but want their money to be used for non-violent, peaceful purposes.

The group is still deciding on the next course of action, and the possibility of appealing again. Although the court refused to allow their case to be heard in the British courts, the seven say that they will take the case all the way to the European Court of Human Rights if need be.

Although disappointed with the ruling, the group are optimistic, having received a great deal of support. Around 50 people packed the courtroom, and over 2500 have signed their petition for a judicial review. Ken Livingstone recently gave the group his messages of support. If you want to offer your support, visit the website where you can sign the petition online.

Peace Tax Seven, Woodlands, Ledge Hill, Market Lavington, Wilts SN10 4NW (email info@peacetaxseven.com; http://www.peacetaxseven.com)

Topics: Anti-war action