FSB attacks humanitarian organisations

IssueDecember 2003 - February 2004
News by Sian Glaessner

The FSB, one of the successors to the KGB, have accused humanitarian organisations working in Chechnya and Ingushetia of producing “anti stability” propaganda harmful to the efforts made by the Governments involved to seek a resolution of the “Chechen Problem”.

These organisations have been working with refugees from the continuing bloodbath in the Caucasus, providing necessary materials for the refugee camps in which they live. The FSB has been monitoring these organisations for some time and has reached a verdict. The head of Ingushetia Migration Services, Ivan Pomeshchenko, said that from the New Year all humanitarian groups active in these regions will face strict new regulations and undergo detailed and repeated checks. The FSB have concluded that these groups are not “humanitarian” but engaged in propaganda detrimental to the peaceful solution of the Chechen problem and stabilisation of the region.

It seems not just big business but also NGOs and campaign groups have raised the ire of KGB-shnik Putin. There is one question: When is a dictator not a dictator? Answer: when he supports the “War on Terror”.

Topics: Russia