Features in issue 2453

Getting our issues "out there"

by Beena Sarwar

What is it like to work in the mainstream media? What are the opportunities for reaching a wide audience with progressive ideas? These questions and more were put to occasional PN contributor Beena Sarwar - a print and TV journalist working in the mainstream media in Pakistan.

Knowledge is power

by Ippy D

Hate radio, peace journalism, the Internet, SMS organising, the underground, the overground... it's all here. This issue of Peace News focuses on war and peace in the information age: here's an introduction...

Reporting the World and peace journalism

by Jake Lynch

Calling for "critical self-reflection", Jake Lynch argues that peace journalism's time has now come.

Trainstopping by text

by Rasmus Grove

Rasmus Grobe from X-tausendmal quer media team reflects on their experiences of using mobile phone technologies for non-violent protests against nuclear transports in Germany.

Ask questions, speak up, disobey!

by Vesna Jankovic

In 1991, the disintegration of Yugoslavia and descent into outright war picked up speed. Activists from the emerging women's, environmental and peace groups in Croatia, trying to maintain their values and keep contact with their new "enemies", began producing a magazine as part of the activities of the Antiwar Campaign. Vesna Jankovic reflects on the challenges of developing independent media during conflict and the value of making dissenting voices heard.

Vision Machine: a web of stories, networked solidarities / The Globalisation Tapes: a Vision Machine collaboration

by Vision Machine Collective

With new forms of media available to activists around the world, we hear from members of an international film collective who work to "analyse and respond to the conditions and mechanisms of economic, political and military power", in a participatory and collaborative way.