Comments in issue 2596-2597

40 years ago: European demilitarisation march

by Albert Beale

Attempts by pacifists to look back at the slaughter of war from an anti-militarist perspective – and official unhappiness at the puncturing of nationalist myths – have a long history.

Why nuclear weapons won’t be around for ever

by Matt Hawkins

150 nations are already laying the legal groundwork to ban nuclear weapons

The Personal Column: A surprising sense of liberation

by Jeff Cloves

Jeff Cloves revels in the discomfort of the political class in the wake of the EU referendum

Gentle Angry People

by Penny Stone

A trip to Palestine connects Penny Stone to Holly Near's famous activist anthem

Diary: 'Will they let you back in the country?'

by Julia Nicolaides

A french activist liiving in Britain reflects on the aftermath of the EU referendum