Features in issue 2570-2571

Choosing war

by Douglas Newton

A historian uncovers the truth behind Britain’s rush to war in 1914

The Tribunal

by Emily Johns

No 2 in Peace News’ ‘The World is my Country’ poster project.

A summer of peace

by PN

This year, the main theme of Peace News Summer Camp (31 July – 4 August) is countering the militarism and jingoism around the centenary of the First World War, which is why the camp is called ‘The World is My Country’.

Thank you!

by PN staff

Your responses to our social audit questionnaire

Organising against fracking

by Emily Masters

Peace News brings together environmental activists for a transatlantic round table

Yes to independence

by Pete Ramand, James Foley

Scottish independence could reinvigorate radical movements north and south of the border, and deal a blow to British imperialism

The never-ending ‘wake-up call’

by David Edwards, David Cromwell

The mainstream media and climate change