Comments in issue 2551

Scotland, nae place fur NATO?

by Leonna O'Neill

A Faslane Peace Camper explores the possibilities for a nuclear-free and independent Scotland.

Peace Days in Wrexham

by Genny Bove

Wrexham activists organise a three-day festival of peace.

Drones walk reaches RAF Waddington

by PN staff

The highlight of the Drones Week of Action 2012 was an eight-day, 90-mile peace walk.

National Gallery cuts arms link as CAAT wins prize

by PN staff

The Campaign Against Arms Trade celebrates a double victory

Trident will be outlawed – SNP

by Leonna O'Neill

In an independent Scotland, nuclear weapons will be ruled illegal by the constitution!

Census COs

by PN staff

Conscientious objectors to the 2011 Census in the UK continue their courtroom struggles.

Iran offers negotiated solution as sanctions bite

by Milan Rai

The Iranian nuclear crisis intensifies.

UK spends £2bn on MoD drones – commits £2bn more

by Gabriel Carlyle

There's more and more information and protest about military drones.

Mass tresspass at Hinkley: six arrested during two-day camp

by David Polden

A variety of protests were seen during a weekend camp at the Hinkley nuclear power station.