Features in issue 2539


by Gabriel Carlyle

At the start of Occupy London Stock Exchange.

Hollywood at war

by Ian Sinclair

Peace News explores the politics of cinema with Matthew Alford, author of Reel Power: Hollywood cinema and American supremacy

Occupy Washington

by Starhawk

There’s no substitute for the outrage of the streets.

OCCUPY THE WORLD! The story so far

by Andrea Needham

Peace News takes a look at the Occupy movements that are taking the world by storm

Rebel voices

by Milan Rai

Reflections on the Rebellious Media Conference, London, October 2011

Poppy history

by Peace Pledge Union

A brief history of remembrance the pacifist way.

Poppy politics

by Emma Sangster

Poppies, poppies, poppies – we are entering the season of remembrance and of the ubiquitous red on the lapel of every public figure and increasingly on the front of buses, on products, in schools and just about everywhere.