Issue: 2538

October 2011



By Milan Rai

A call for all anti-war activists to expose three lies about the Afghan war

By Dan Viesnik

Dan Viesnik reports on the protests surrounding Europe's biggest arms fair.

By Dan Viesnik

Activists plan major blockade of Hinkley nuclear power station.

By Chris Cole

Drone Wars UK's Chris Coles examines the latest wranglings surrounding the planned Anglo-French drone.

By Christina Dey

The law banning "unauthorised" protests around Parliament has finally been repealed, but what will replace it?

By David Polden

On 26 August, the metropolitan police in London obtained the home secretary’s consent to ban marches in Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Islington, Waltham Forest, and Newham for one month from 2 September.

By Andreas Speck

Egyptian pacifist and blogger continues fast.

By David Polden

1252 arrested at US tar sands protests.

By Kelvin Mason

In the wake of the recent flood deaths, Kelvin Mason ponders the future of coal mining - and coal miners - in Wales.

By Anna Bullen

Welsh activists take action on transport.

By Sarah Young

Hundreds attend annual Scottish CND event.

By Declan McCormick

Students protest tuition fee hike.

By Danny

Skillshare draws over 100 participants.

By Lillian Lyons

Lillian Lyons, wife of imprisoned conscientious objector Michael Lyons, describes why he refused the “learning to kill” course.

By Taesun Kwon

Taesun Kwon, the executive editor of South Korea’s non-corporate national daily newspaper, talks to Peace News

By Emily Johns, Milan Rai

So, it’s finally here. The Rebellious Media Conference (RMC, née the Radical Media Conference) is finally taking place, nearly two years after the first brainstorming in the Peace News office about how to mark our 75th anniversary.

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