PN camp keeps us sane!

Letter by Lucy Lant, Bristol

I attended the previous two years’ Peace News Summer Camp and believe that this one was the best yet. Protesting and activism are probably the most meaningful things a responsible human being can do with their life today. But often there can be a high price to pay both psychologically and emotionally (if not through imprisonment and fines), for there is a lot wrong in this world, too many things to change (the list gets longer every year!) and seemingly far too few people who care about any of it. Sometimes I fear that we humans will die out because of apathy and inertia, as the majority's response to critical problems (such as global warming) is suicidally underwhelming.

So what about those who do care? Where do we go for rest and recuperation from the insanity of modern western civilisation? Apart from reading very good books, reading great newspapers (like Peace News!) and having supportive friends, it is possible once a year to experience the kind of society that a lot of us would wish to see. A society based on mutual, face to face democracy, shared labour and play, an abundance of open, intelligent and caring people, a feeling that it’s safe to speak one’s mind about the things that really matter, to trust that one is respected and that, most importantly, our beloved Planet is respected. That space is Peace News Camp. I look forward to meeting all “the people who care” there next year!