Save squatting

Letter by Leslie Barson, London

I had to write a letter to PN to ask people to fill in this consultation about the criminalisation of squatting on dealing-with-squatters.htm.

The government is currently holding a consultation on squatting and proposing to make it illegal. This is happening alongside a vicious media campaign propagating the idea that squatters can take over already occupied homes. This is false because there are already laws in place to protect against such actions. Changes to the law of trespass could affect many different groups and have detrimental effects on political protest and occupation.

Although many are understandably sceptical about government consultations, we need your support to ensure that we get the majority who respond to say the current law is adequate. If they then decide to carry on with the criminalisation, we are equipped with facts and figures from their research to throw back at them. There is less than two weeks left to fill it out. I urge you to respond. We need to ensure that squatting is an option for future generations. For more info see

Topics: Activism, Housing