Issue: 2527

November 2010


By Milan Rai, Emily Johns


By Gabriel Carlyle

“This is not a rally, a demo or a march,” read the flier. “This is mass direct action that aims to disrupt the flow of oil into London. Welcome to the Crude Awakening.” Crikey.

By PN staff

Iraq’s third annual Week of Nonviolence began on 10 October, organised by La’Onf (“no violence” in Arabic), a network of nonviolent Iraqi civilians and civil society groups.

By David Polden

A mass siege of the EDO arms factory in Brighton took place on 13 October.

By David Polden

The latest attempt to break the Israeli siege of Gaza was organised by Jewish groups using a Jewish-crewed catamaran. The Irene was stopped and boarded by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) on 28 September en route to Gaza with a cargo of aid.

By Cynefin y Werin

Despite its other shortcomings, it was good to see that the UK government’s Public Expenditure Review has not allocated funds to the privatised military training college at St Athan.

By Kelvin Mason

On 28 September the Petitions Committee of the Welsh Assembly Government posted its official decision on the ambition for a Peace Institute (Academi Heddwch) in Wales.


Fifteen members of the Welsh Youth Forum on Sustainable Development (WYFSD), Gwerin y Coed (the Woodcraft Folk in Wales) and representatives of other youth organisations spent five days in the saddle, cycling from Machynlleth to Cardiff Bay to han

By Lucy

The Scottish Resources Group (SRG), an umbrella company that includes Scottish Coal, has submitted an application for a “mixed use development” across a 230 hectare area which would include leisure and industrial expansion.

By Brian Larkin

Immediately after being fined £500 for blockading Faslane two women painted their judgement on the walls of the Dumbarton court building.

By Sarah Young

UN World Peace Day was marked in Edinburgh with the rededication of the Peace Pole at the city’s Peace and Justice (P&J) Resource Centre.

By Gabriel Carlyle

Despite a spate of recent press reports regarding secret high-level talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban leadership, brutal US and British actions on the ground are undermining the prospects for a negotiated end to the war.

By Gabriel Carlyle

The “prospect of peace” in Afghanistan “poses a serious danger” to the burgeoning drones industry, according to a recent anonymous comment piece in Flight International, believed to have been authored by an industry insider.

By David Polden

Part of the British “boycott, divestment and sanctions” (BDS) for Palestine movement attended the British Olympic ball on 24 September, to put pressure on the ball’s sponsor, BT, to cut its ties with Bezeq, supplier of telecommunications services

By David Smith-Ferri, Kathy Kelly

The city of Bamiyan, with a population of roughly 60,000, has only one paved street, a wide, two-kilometer road without lanes that is a site of constant activity from 5am to curfew at 10pm, and is referred to as the “bazaar” because it is lined on

By Michael Albert, Barry Cager, Gabriel Carlyle, Cornerstone Cath, Ewa Jasiewicz, Sam McCann, Phil Thornhill

Can we stop climate change without first overthrowing capitalism? PN sought views from around the movement.