Happy Birthday Peace Centre!

IssueNovember 2010
News by Sarah Young

UN World Peace Day was marked in Edinburgh with the rededication of the Peace Pole at the city’s Peace and Justice (P&J) Resource Centre. The P&J Centre was celebrating its 30th birthday and friends gathered for the re-dedication and to enjoy a celebratory lunch. The centre, co-ordinated by Janet Fenton, supports all groups and individuals committed to issues of peace and justice. Later that day one such group, Scotland’s for Peace, launched their Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Convention to ban nuclear weapons globally.

The launch was also the subject of an event held that evening at the Scottish Parliament. The Campaign has the support of the Scottish government and SNP minister Rosanna Cunningham welcomed an invitation-only meeting attended by many long standing Scottish peace activists.

A panel of experts assembled to receive questions from the floor, including Rebecca Johnson from the Scottish government working group on Scotland without Nuclear Weapons.

Speakers from New Zealand described how popular support for disarmament encouraged action by the NZ government to create a Ministry for Disarmament and how this experience might inform the Scottish situation.

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