Hugs and kisses

Letter by Ann Stringer, Soure, Portugal

I live in Portugal and subscribe to PN from here. So I read the article Ola Amigos (PN 2525) by Andre Pais with interest. My husband and I were on the demo in Lisbon in 2003 and have been on two since, against nuclear power in Spain and against storage of uranium in Nisa, south of here.
I’m not sure I agree with Andre about the politics! And he doesn’t mention (English translation) the Association for Peace and Justice.

Portugal has had Green party members of parliament for at least nine years (which is how long we’ve lived here). “Quercus” (oak tree) is like FoE in the UK and organized the demos in Spain and at Nisa. And of course there’s a Portuguese Greenpeace.

I can only go by what I see on Portuguese TV, but it seems to me that most of their armed forces overseas are medical and engineering units.
I hadn’t heard or read about PAGAN before seeing Snr Pais’ article.

Portugal is probably the most democratic country in the EU, with eight parties represented in parliament, including the Communists, and in our experience, at least in the villages and towns, there is a true sense of community and cooperation.

We’re very happy here. Beijinhos e abraços. Para paz no mundo.

Editor response:

That translates as: “Hugs and kisses. For world peace.” - Ed