Issue: 2521

May 2010


By Milan Rai, Emily Johns


By Milan Rai

The US nuclear posture review is actually nuclear terrorism

Challenging military recruitment practices in the UK and contributing to a wider understanding of peaceful alternatives to conflict, Forces Watch is a new network set up to:

Hello everyone! This article here is supposed to be about how Peace News is getting on as a member of the 10:10 initiative to cut carbon emissions by 10% in 2010.

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“This era saw PN publishing an anti-election manifesto in September 1974. ‘Don’t vote, it only encourages them,’ was the paper’s advice at the time of the earlier, February, election that year.

By Tim Nafziger

On 10 March, Gene Stoltzfus died in Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada when his heart stopped while he was bicycling near his home on the first spring-like day of the year.

By Maya Evans

This content has been removed from the website on request of the author.

By Jeff Cloves

This column purports to be a review of PVT West’s poetry but it requires confession. Pat was a friend and poet/performer with whom I worked from time to time for over 30 years. Take this into account.

By Emma Sangster

It’s difficult to avoid the feeling that the military are becoming increasingly embedded into civil society.

By Tom Cornell

As Peace News heads towards its 75th anniversary next year, we cast an eye at some of our sister peace publications. This month, the extraordinary Catholic Worker.

By Kathy Kelly

US war policy depends heavily on UK political support. A leading US peace activist reflects on the Afghan war – and the lack of reaction in the US and Europe to atrocities.

By Matthew Biddle

As politicians warn of post-election cuts in public spending, the question arises: how much could be saved by reducing Britain’s military presence worldwide?

By Matthew Biddle

Recent opinion polls suggest an increased likelihood of the 6 May general election resulting in a hung parliament, something last seen in 1974. In order to avoid this, one party must win a minimum of 326 seats.

By Gabriel Carlyle

Allegations of British complicity in the torture and abuse of detainees in Afghanistan are being scrutinised at a judicial review in the high court, as PN goes to press.

By Declan McCormick

The Faslane naval base, home of the UK’s nuclear weapons and a regular site of protest and nonviolent direct action, saw demonstrations on 3 April as part of a European day of action against nuclear weapons (see p3).