Campaign Profile: Forces Watch

IssueMay 2010

Challenging military recruitment practices in the UK and contributing to a wider understanding of peaceful alternatives to conflict, Forces Watch is a new network set up to:

  • Increase public awareness of, and challenge to, unethical military recruitment practices
  • Work to improve recruitment policy/practice so that the moral rights of potential recruits are better protected
  • Make potential recruits and their families more aware of the risks, difficulties and legal obligations of an armed forces career
  • Increase public questioning of government campaigns that use the armed forces to promote uncritical support for military solutions to international problems.
  • Work with organisations/individuals/initiatives in the network.

    Over the coming months it will be developing the website to facilitate a network of activists working on military recruitment. The site will include: information and campaigning materials; discussion forums; guidelines for challenging military recruitment; resources and links, and more. It looks forward to input from many different individuals and groups and welcomes ideas and suggestions.

Topics: Anti-militarism
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