Issue: 2478

October 2006



By The Molehill

Once upon a time there were far more political bookshops around the country than the handful left today, including several right in the heart of central London's bookselling zone around Charing Cross Road.

By Stefan Luzi

“Is peace for wimps, whereas real governments sell weapons?” So asked George Monbiot recently in The Guardian.

By Jeff Cloves

Phil Reardon (PN obit July/August) was a gem of a bloke “very much in the William Morris News From Nowhere tradition” as Howard Clark put it and his wonderfully inventive tract on re-cycling cycles is still my constant companion.

Established: The campaign was founded in 2001 by Phil Thornhill as a response to the growing urgency of climate change action.

By Andrew Beckett

Pressure continues to mount on Brighton weapons-component manufacturers EDO MBM, as Brighton anti-war campaigners identified EDO as a key link in Israel's military machine. Andrew Beckett reports.

By Marguerite Finn

A quiet revolution took place at the Avery Hill campus of Greenwich University from 7 to 12 September, as the UK section of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) hosted their International Meetings and seminars.

By Gabriel Carlyle

This October, a month of activities - culminating in a weekend of nonviolent civil disobedience against the occupation - will mark the anniversary of the 2004 attack on Fallujah. Gabriel Carlyle outlines the programme.

By David MacKenzie

From 1 October, rolling blockades of Trident's homeport of Faslane will begin. David Mackenzie reports.

By Kat Barton

The campaign to stop the next generation of nuclear weapons has received a lot of support - in particular from faith communities.

By Janet Kilburn

Work on new nuclear weapons facilities continues apace at Britain's nuclear bomb factory. Janet Kilburn reports on the campaigns attempting to "block the builders".

For several years campaigners have been working to protect the ancient Sussex woodland at Titnore, just outside Worthing, as a proposed 875 new homes and associated road-widening scheme threatens 265 old growth trees.

By Kate Hudson

Pressure mounts for action to stop Trident "replacement". Kate Hudson reports from Manchester on how Trident replacement has been kept off the Labour Party conference agenda.

On 15 September, Margaret Jones and Paul Millings criminal damage trial at Bristol Crown Court came to an end after the jury failed to reach a verdict.

By Tom Daly

In April, Tom Daly was in Kathmandu during the massive pro-democracy uprising. Here he reflects on the nonviolent movement that achieved victory, despite a stark lack of international solidarity.

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