Campaign Profile: Campaign against Climate Change (CACC)

IssueOctober 2006

Established: The campaign was founded in 2001 by Phil Thornhill as a response to the growing urgency of climate change action.
Aims and Objectives: Its aim is, firstly, the ratification of the Kyoto protocol by all nations - including those who have refused to sign: the United States and Australia. This is, however, only the first step. The world's governments must be encouraged to adopt a sustainable energy policy that does not allow the rampant polluting of the biosphere with carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases; a move away from fossil fuels towards renewable, non-polluting forms of energy. If we fail in this, the world will be uninhabitable by the end of the century; many scientists believe it may be much sooner than this.
Successes so far: Last December, during the international climate talks, 10,000 people marched in London alone - and this year organisers are expecting more. There will also be similar actions in over 40 countries. CACC hold demonstrations outside the US embassy once a month to highlight its cause and send the message to the US government. There are regular public meetings with speakers (see 4 October listing).
Next steps: On 4 November there will be a National Climate March in London. Rally at the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square at 12 noon. This will be a day of action to demand the instigation of a sane climate and energy policy by those who refuse to accept climate change as the greatest threat against humankind. After the 4 November demonstration, CACC intend taking advantage of the media exposure to install the urgency of the issue into the public consciousness. The campaign will also continue its monthly rallies outside the US embassy and their public meetings. Get involved: The campaign is always open to accepting new volunteers and could use people skilled in administration, finance, IT and creativity.

Topics: Climate Change
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