Fairforders free for now

IssueOctober 2006

On 15 September, Margaret Jones and Paul Millings criminal damage trial at Bristol Crown Court came to an end after the jury failed to reach a verdict.

The two peace activists were in court following their March 2003 action at USAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, where they had broken into the supply depot and damaged more than 30 auxiliary vehicles. The pair say this was a bid to delay the departure of bombers destined for Baghdad and to thus give more people time to flee the city. The defence case revolved around the argument that the defendants were acting to protecting property and helping to prevent war crime. A retrial is expected in early 2007.

And two more

Hot on the heels of the Jones and Millings case, from 2 October two more Fairford protesters will go on trial at Bristol Crown Court. Oxford peace activists Toby Olditch and Phil Pritchard also entered the USAF base in March 2003 in an attempt to disarm the B55s stationed there during the war.

Speaking before the trial, Phil told PN he was pleased with the neutral outcome of Margaret and Paul's case as it should not be prejudicial to theirs - which comes just a fortnight later and held in the same court.

The pair have asked for support on the theme of “waging peace”, saying “Outside the court we'd like to display the many ways people have waged peace since March 2003. You can take part by sending us a picture of your hand with your peace wager written/drawn/painted in it. This can be something you've done or something you're pledging to do to promote peace in the world.”

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