Issue: 2454

March - May 2004



By Caroline Lauer

Up to 15,000 people took to the streets of Paris in January to protest against a new nuclear programme about to kick off in France and across Europe.

By Reuben Easey

The deployment of Japanese troops in Iraq, which began in January and is the first such operation since the second world war, continues to attract opposition from the majority of Japanese people.

By Alice Hunt

In late January, 28 peace activists were sentenced to a cumulative five years and ten and a half months in prison, five years probation, and US$8,500 in fines as a result of a nonviolent protest at the School of the Americas - now officia

By Sophie Reynolds

Trident Ploughshares (TP) activists seem fuelled by something as long lasting as radioactivity, never ceasing in taking bites, sometimes mosquito size, at the bases and companies in England and Scotland that manufacture and protect Britain's weapo

By Uri Davis

In the face of the lack of progress in any official “peace process” in Israel/Palestine, there have recently been some unofficial proposals prepared - by peace campaigners or by less entrenched politicians on each side.

By Rudi Friedrich, Ghassan Andoni

It is January 2004, the sun is shining and it feels like a warm day in Jerusalem.

By Gila Svirsky

Non-violence as a strategy has been practised throughout the Israeli women's peace movement since the founding of Women in Black in early 1988, one month after the first Palestinian Intifada broke out.


The “Apartheid Wall”, intended to be about 350 miles long and which confiscates 60% of the occupied West Bank's land and encloses numerous communities in several enclaves or Bantustans, is being built at great speed.

By Omar Barghouti

As a Palestinian dance choreographer working in the midst of conflict, I am often asked: what is the rationale of your artistic engagement under the circumstances?

By Rudi Friedrich, Adam Keller

In January 2004 Rudi Friedrich met Gush Shalom activist and member of the Refuser Parents Forum Adam Keller at his home.

By Veronique Dudouet

The principal focus of non-violent campaigns in Israel-Palestine is the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza strip.

By Matt Robson

I spent last summer as a volunteer on the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel.

By Khaled Katamish

“Can you dance your tragedies? Can you dance your dreams?

By Zoughbi Elias Zoughbi

Bernard Shaw once said, “If you break a nation's nationality, it will think of nothing else but getting it set again. It will listen to no reformer, to no philosopher, to no preacher, until the demands of the nationalist are granted.

By Amos Gvirtz

Amos Gvirtz argues that nonviolence enables Israeli-Palestinian co-operation and makes a call for...