Graham Carey, 'World out of control and the Inevitable revolution'

IssueMarch - May 2004
Review by Simon Dixon

This document is described by its author as a, “response to the conviction that protest alone will not make a sufficient impact on the status quo”.

Carey begins by setting out the major threats facing the world today, both in his own words and through extensive quotations from other writers. Much of what appears in the opening section, titled “Prognosis”, will be familiar to PN readers.

This first section is followed by an excellent critique of the environmental, social and cultural impact of the unfettered advance of modern technology. Carey takes a bleak view of the growth of computerisation that provides considerable food for thought for those who (like this reviewer) cannot go more than a day without checking their email, and who are unable to leave home without their mobile phone.

The final two-thirds of the document outline suggests responses to the problems described in the first two sections. This alone is sufficient to commend World out of Control as a valuable document, and platform for discussion. However, activists of a non-Christian standpoint may find the strong religious elements in Carey's writing a little overbearing.

Topics: Religion, Strategy
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